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Opening a new store? Hitmap helps you identify the best location that will get you more traffic and better customers

What is Hitmap?

Hitmap is an online platform that helps you choose and manage the best locations for your chain, using different layers of data to estimate which locations will have the best performance.

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Hitmap and the city

Why Hitmap?

The success of a brick-and-mortar store is heavily dependant on it's location. Factors like traffic, neighbourhood, and passer-by disposable income, all affect sales directly. Up to now, determining the location for your next store was more of guess work than anything else. Stop guessing and choose the best location for your stores with Hitmap.

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Some benefits of using Hitmap

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Speed up the decision making process of new stores with solid, data-backed evidence.
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Estimate your sales volume even before opening a store.
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Easy to use web-platform to manage your locations.

Technology makes a difference. Our platform has all the eye candy for location seekers.

Our platform dives into the Real State business with ease and success assurance.

By studying and contrasting different urban variables, we manage to provide our customers with great business locations faster than any Market Potential Evaluator.

Hitmap also offers the necessary tools to organize the desired property from start to a potential deal.

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Our Story

We are a startup that believes in disrupting market conventions and developing useful and cutting edge technology to help small and medium chains achieve their goals.

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