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People risk their money by opening a new store without the help of affordable market studies, resulting in 8 out of 10 new businesses closing.

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Our platform uses data science to provide a confident and robust algorithm to evaluate available properties and filter them according to user's requirements.

How does it work?

Based on previous sales numbers of open stores, and over five thousand market variables, Hitmap's special formula cooks a score that provides means to contrast and predict rentability of an available location assuring success in sales.

A growing listing of properties with different attributes provides a suitable haystack in which Hitmap helps users find its perfect needle.

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Our Platform

We understand not all decisions depend on data.

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Hitmap is designed to enhance the user experience with the necessary tools to estimate, calculate and evaluate a chosen spot, facilitating decision making process and guiding our customers through the path of expansion.

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Save Time and Money

You won't be in need of a power house in charge of searching, filtering and evaluating properties; Hitmap does it for you.

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Weekly property highlights

Receive properties each week matched to user's requirements contrasted against your open stores, competitors and other available properties.

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Updated listings of available properties

Our team is dedicated to search up and down the real estate market to offer current and fresh available.

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Accelerating your Growth Strategy Planning

Your chain has an expansion plan and we help you achieve it faster, informed and with less friction.

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